What is the culture like in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

Question by Savannah: What is the culture like in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?
I might be moving to Baton Rouge, Lousiana next year from California and wanted to get an idea for what the people, city, and culture is like there. Specifically the amount of traffic, population density, weather, and the common “vibe” and “type” of people who live in Baton Rouge. Thank you!!

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This will help you. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g40024-s202/Baton-Rouge:Louisiana:Culture.html

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  1. NOLA guy
    2014/01/01 at 5:59 AM

    You are unlikely be addressed as “Cher” while wandering about in Baton Rouge There are Cajuns in Baton Rouge, but Acadiana is in south central Louisiana (around Lafayette).

    BR is a medium size city that doesn’t really have a city center. In that sense, it is a metro area mostly composed of suburban type neighborhoods. Lots of shopping malls.

    Culturally, BR is partly in the Catholic south of Louisiana and partly in the Protestant north. Catholics as a group are generally more easygoing and tolerant.

    LSU is a big part of life in BR and people commonly wear purple, gold, or purple & gold as colors for everyday clothing. Especially during football season.

    Hispanic influence is minimal in BR.

    Hurricane Katrina (2005) significantly boosted the population of Baton Rouge overnight and resulted in horrible traffic problems. Local government has been working on that and the situation has improved. However, commuting can still be an issue – if not like commuting in Los Angeles.

    Summers (late April to late October) are hot & humid. Having air-conditioning is a necessity. Winters are generally mild, but the temperature drops below freezing often enough so the city is not green all year.

    BR has a regional airport with service to Atlanta, Charlotte,Dallas, Houston, and Memphis.

    New Orleans is about 90 minutes drive from Baton Rouge and has a much larger entertainment industry.

    Best wishes!

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