What is the best way to interact with or select job recruiters?

Question by Jon: What is the best way to interact with or select job recruiters?
I work primarily as a front end web developer and get calls from multiple recruitment firms. I do a fair bit of project work, so this is a recurring thing for me. Currently, if they have a position that I’m a fit for I reflexively ask them to present me for that position. Is that an optimal strategy? If one company submits me, another cannot, so I want to be submitted by the best company. Should I therefore be taking steps to identify which recruiting firms are the most effective, give preference to local firms, find which firms ask the target employer for a smaller fee, select (somehow) for firms that have a better relationship with the target client, check out a firm’s reputation online before submittal, etc. Or is all of that wasted work?

I’m looking for things that are efficient yet effective. Thanks for any tips!
Yes, I know I can work with several agencies for different jobs. However I CAN’T work with several agencies for the SAME JOB. Not in California, in any case. Double submissions get thrown out, or else the second agency to submit is rejected.

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Answer by Bill
As a freelancer you can usually work “through” several agencies. This creates competition between them to find you more work. Good Luck

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  1. Deanna
    2013/12/11 at 5:38 AM

    Hi Jon,

    The easiest way would be to search for the name of the companies that contact you and go check out their Alexa ranking. Typically a more reputable company is going to have more of a web presence/traffic/etc. (not always the case but it’s a good indicator).

    That being said, personally, I think that researching the recruiting company that contacts me can take too much time. The most important question that I ask them is “what hourly range/salary range is your client looking at.” this way you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot by low-balling your rate, and if the rate is good that they are quoting I have them submit me.


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