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New TrafficTwister Version V6.x released! Former bots no longer work …

We made it work for all and sundry … We blended TrafficTwister IVY and TrafficTwister itself into one bot best.

Please no longer USE older variations of TrafficTwister V5.6 and not use TrafficTwister IVY (former versions). the brand new version accommodates each techniques!

obtain the model 6.x from

<a title="TrafficTwister V5.6″ href=”http://www.rx2.european/uploads/TT.zip” target=”_blank”>http://www.rx2.european/uploads/TT.zip

Traffic Twister IVY (V2) released! Download it now!

visitors tornado IVY (V2) launched (a further bot to TrafficTwister V5.four!)

Virustotal 0/47

short tutorial:

* download TrafficTwister IVY
* Extract it to a folder
* start it

– Insert your username, you choosed when creating a (free) account at www.rx2.ecu/traffictwister
– make a selection the choice of (simultanous) threads (opened browsers on the comparable time, however they are invisible) – carefully adjust it and test your reminiscence/CPU consumption!
– Loop bot? If “IVY” visited all internet sites in trafficnetwork, “yes” will re-run the bot again, “NO” will cease the bot, after it completed its job
– Load URLs from file: the most important thing. Have a .txt file ready, which contains the URLs, for which you want to have site visitors despatched to!
each and every line in .txt file must incorporate one URL!
TT stability: your current stability with TrafficTwister (final hits getting from TrafficTwister community)
IVY stability: your current balance with TrafficTwister IVY (final hits getting from TT IVY network)
site visitors sent to: reside-stats what number of web pages have been visited up to now
– Threads used: current stage of threads used, that you could change the threads stage all the time!
– Register account: click on that, if you do not need a free membership account with TrafficTwister to this point.

do not put out of your mind to place three URLs into your on-line TrafficTwister account (www.rx2.eu/traffictwister) – you are going to get additional hits there, too!

Why we didn’t mix TT with IVY, so finally 2 bots? which is a technical difficulty. We tried it, but failed, as TrafficTwister IVY is using DIRECT traffic, TrafficTwister itself
produces “faux visitors” by way of proxies. For nowadays there seems to be no probability to “bundle” them into one bot. but which you could run each bots at the similar time, no downside!

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