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What makes people likes and dislike Mother Teresa?

Question by Lepin: What makes people likes and dislike Mother Teresa?

ScottDio’s comment on youtube, “Wasn’t Mother Teresa against birth control? because of it…millions poor people had tons of children into even poorer life? After child gets older? got kick out orphans and had live´╗┐ in streets? Please, feel free to correct me.” made me ask question what makes people like and dislike Mother Teresa?

Best answer:

Answer by Jackie
She reminds me of walnuts and I can’t stand them.

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Qosmos Adds Network Intelligence to SDN and NFV at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

Paris, France (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

Qosmos, the only pure-play supplier of embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology, today announced its active involvement in the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, 15-18 October in Bad Homburg, Frankfurt, Germany.

The SDN & OpenFlow World Congress is dedicated to the advancement of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) movement. Co-hosted by the ONF, it is the industrys largest and most important knowledge exchange dedicated to SDN and NFV. Find out how Qosmos meets the industrys need for embedded technologies that make networks smarter and application-aware.

Meet Qosmos at stand no. 40 or during the following conference presentation:

Why Network Intelligence is key to the successful rollout of SDN/NFV

Bandwidth and the NFV dilemma addressing the performance challenges of SDN and NFV
The role of DPI in virtual switch performance raising the efficiency of traffic steering, monitoring and QoS operations
Identifying performance benchmarks and key factors in maximizing ROI

Thursday 17 October 2013, 14:10 – SDN Cloud & Datacentre Forum

Speaker: David le Goff, Director of Strategic & Product Marketing, Qosmos

Network operators deploying SDN and NFV-based networks can take advantage of the network intelligence delivered by DPI to offer new services and better manage bandwidth. DPI also gives operators more control over their networks by helping them identify and supervise the wide range of services and applications they carry. This is achievable with DPI technologies from Qosmos, designed to accelerate the development of networking equipment supporting SDN and NFV.

Qosmos flagship product ixEngine

Star Toilet Paper Increased Its Website Traffic 11,815% Percent In One Week By Offering Samples At No Cost

new york, ny (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

star bathroom Paper is a novel, different promoting firm that focuses on using rest room paper printed with advertisements to pressure business to its clients. In placing a vibrant orange, always-seen button on their net page, the company was once ready to provide samples of their product to interested clients. The sure response they obtained used to be overwhelming.


After phrase of the supply spread to some couponing web sites, internet site visitors started to pour in to the celebrity toilet Paper web site, with guests requesting untenable numbers of free samples. We knew there was once hobby in our product, says founder Bryan Silverman, however we had no concept that we would receive such an amazing response. individuals have been very receptive to such a new concept.


brand new advertising and marketing practices continuously suggest providing a benefit to consumers in trade for some piece of private contact information. normally, the offering is something like a digital white paper or the infamous Informative list. bargains of bodily product are quite rare due to their quite high fee and time delay. In a market that has been saturated by means of free informational merchandise, on the other hand, offering physical merchandise or merchandise of substance (like e-books) generally is a really nice method to stand out. In 2000, Seth Godin gave away e-guide copies of his book the theory Virus. inside 30 day, over four hundred,000 copies had been downloaded. In doing so, his ebook reached #5 on the Amazon absolute best dealers list.


users of the sort of technique should be prepared for success, although. megastar bathroom Paper is still digging during the stack of requests, having obtained well over twenty thousand of them. We would possibly not have the ability to agree to all of the requests, says Bryan but had been doing our highest to ensure we meet the demand as our tools enable. We get emails asking the place the samples are, however fortunately our shoppers are very working out after we provide an explanation for the location.


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