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Traffic Twister IVY released

here is any other free up called “TrafficTwister IVY”. i would like some betatesters now.
What’s IVY (I talk over with You) ?

– it is a site visitors alternate system, working so much sooner, growing hits without referrer!
– the bot surfs via all websites loaded into the bot and provides you hits again (for your URLs, you placed into your TrafficTwister account, it is free!)
– that you can run the bot as long as you want and restart it after the job used to be carried out with the aid of the bot. it can be up to you -> 1:1 trade gadget

So for let’s consider 500 surfed websites, you get 500 again at last. You do not want proxies! but we need extra URLs for the community! So please everybody: sign up, location your URLs into
TrafficTwister account and give it a are trying. the bigger the community can be, the higher the hits can be.

Create free “FREE MEMBERSHIP for 1 year” account here:

TrafficTwister Member house - http://bit.ly/11dnrtv

The bot can be downloaded from right here:


Virustotal zero/forty seven:

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