I’d like to generate more traffic to my website but ….?

question via JDs Mommy: i might wish to generate more site visitors to my website online however ….?
i am having some concerns with it. I’ve submitted my website online to search engines the usage of godaddy’s site visitors blazer however none of them has picked it up! They stated it’d take a while. no matter … within the meantime, i am trying everything. i’m no longer certain the way to “exchange links” or no matter that’s, so if someone could give an explanation for that process to me, i would totally appreciate it. Like, do I need to have a page on my site which is only for hyperlinks? How do i am going about providing a link for mine, do I just say something like electronic mail me and i’ll present it?? IDK what to do? assist!

also! I learn someplace about maybe having a contest for folks to enter and win one thing. smartly, I promote Avon and i am positive I could put a basket collectively or create or in finding one thing that’s great to offer away however how would I do this?? Any guidelines could be nice! :o)

Thanks Ya’ll ….

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solution through nspro
usually it takes weeks sooner than your site might be indexed with the engines like google. There are various methods to get hyperlinks. you can visit forums that relate to the topic of your website online and frequently they can help you go away a hyperlink on your signature. that you would be able to discuss with blogs, make a touch upon probably the most articles and depart a link to your website. you can consult with websites that you simply wish to have your link positioned and e mail them directly if they might be curious about replacing links. that you could additionally purchase links on greater pagerank web sites thru a service like text hyperlink commercials, however i would counsel to take a look at to find no-price methods to elevate site visitors. when you try to get hyperlinks from larger web page ranked web sites, eg. PR5, PR6, etc. them there’s extra potential for a few of that site visitors to consult with your web page. seems like inbound links is the best way to get visitors and move up the page rank, but they should be high quality links that are much like the theme/content material of your web site.

What do you assume? resolution beneath!

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  1. wabboc
    2013/08/05 at 10:26 AM


    Did Avon set up your Web site?

    Did they advise you on how to get traffic (visitors to your Web site)?

    What is your URL? You need to know how popular your Web site is when compared to 65 million active Web sites. Go here and insert your URL: (http://traffic-test.sitesell.com/waltera1.html). This will show you your Alexa rank and how your Web site stacks up against the 65 million Web sites. If your rank = “no data”, your Web site is invisible to the search engines (Google,Yahoo, MSN, ASK). Thses are the major search engines. If you have an Alexa rank of less than 500,000 your Web site is doing good. Less than 100,000 is terrific. Google is three (3) – yup, that’s right a three.

    One way to increase traffic is via search engine marketing or Search Engine Optimization. Get this book: Search Engine Optimization – An Hour A Day by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin.

    The other was is to buy traffic via ads. Googe offers them throught Google adwords. You need to do some keyword analysis first. Go here: (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal).
    This will analyze your keywords which you will put in your AdWords ad. These ads appear on the right-hand side of a page when you do a Google search.

    When you buy Adwords, they may cost anywhere from $ .10 to $ 25.00. Buying traffic is the fastest way to get visitors to come to your Web site, but it is not for beginners.

    Say you buy an ad for $ .10. Every time someone clicks on that ad, it cost you a dime. So 100 clicks could cost you $ 10.00. (http://adsense.sitesell.com/waltera1.html). Google allows you top place a limit on how much you want to spend each month. If you set it at $ 10 then when the cost reaches $ 10, the ad is removed and you are not charged for any more ad in the current month.

    Getting the right keywords in your ad is critical and that’s where the Keyword tool is invaluable because it not only show you the demand for keywords, but how much they cost.

    If you cannot afford to buy AdWords, then Google has another cost free way to advertise on you Web site.

    It’s called Google AdSense. These are free ads. They are not for your product. They are for a random selection of products. You go to Google AdSense (https://www.google.com/adsense/login3). Apply, signup. Read the Tutorials. Google supples HTML code that you copy and place on your pages. You don’t need to know HTML because you just copy the code and paste it into your Web pages.

    When Google spiders your Web page, it recognizes the HTML code. Google analyzes your Web page and based on the words it finds, it will place ads on your web page. Then, every time someone clicks on your AdSense ad, you make money. Not much, but it can add up over a few months. If you have lots of pages, you can have many Adsense ads on each page.

    You must also have a place on your site where people can leave their names and e-mail addresses. This is just a form they fill in with their name and e-mail address. If Avon can’t do this, you need a better Web site builder – software that builds Web sites (http://buildit.sitesell.com/waltera1.html).. Many are free. The free ones are usually not worth your time because they do not do any Internet Search Engine Marketing (SEM). However, there is a very good free Web Site builder at (http://www.nvu.com/download.php). Download it for free. It does not do SEM, however

    SEM is concerned with building traffic to your Web site. No traffic = no customers = no money.

    Hope this helps!

    Kindest Personal Regards,

    Walt Brown
    Certified Webmaster

  2. xj t
    2013/08/05 at 10:10 AM

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  3. sachin agg
    2013/08/05 at 10:03 AM

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  4. HeartRulesMe
    2013/08/05 at 9:49 AM

    I think you muss create a buzz on internet…….

    By adding links to other websites which are somehow related to yours……….

    After that start visiting forums where you can educate the people about your website , what its meant for……….

    Be an active talker

    Add link to your website in the signatures of your forum posts or emails ids…….

    Start writing small posts about your website and post them on various online mediums ……….

    Have a great profile on 2.0 web standards sites like Yahoo Answers and Myspace

    Regarding Links Building

    Create a detailed excel sheet having list of website relvent to yours with email ids ……..

    Start sending emails to each of them for link building…….

    Juss do these things for six months and you will be up above the rest with mounting sales figures..!

    And there will smiles on your sweet face,………

    Bye take care

    You have to make a separate link page where all links to other websites will be posted.

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