how would i create my own traffic exchange site?

query by way of danielj2220: how would i create my very own visitors alternate website online?
i needed to create a website, that i will be able to make some money from and i wanted to look what all i want to do, to get my site operating, i need to check out and make a traffic alternate website, but i do not comprehend what all i want to do

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  1. Web Guru
    2013/07/11 at 2:12 PM

    I’m happy to say that I’ve taken about a year and joined some exchanges, met people, made some friends in the industry, and talked with owners because this is something that I want to do sometime next year.

    First what these other people who have answered don’t realize is that you need a really good web host. Shared hosting companies will not work because once your exchange takes off and puts a heavy load on their servers, you’ll need a dedicated server or a hosting company that specializes in traffic exchanges. One such company that comes to mind is Zoot Host.

    Second, if you’re not an artist you’ll have to find a good graphics designer to design your site layout. A good friend of mine is the artist at She designs entire site / traffic exchange layouts and this is who I will be using someday.

    Lastly, you need a good script for your traffic exchange. Most of these are database driven (you can learn it). You purchase the script from a programming company and then upload it to your web host and configure your database. Once installed you have an administrator login and the people who join have user logins. One of the best scripts in the industry for a manual exchange is by a company called Ventrino-Walker.

    I have a friend who sells exchanges with the hosting, Ventrino script installed, and graphics. He will do as little or as much as you want. Even offers yearly payment plan via Paypal. Just e-mail me through my profile if you want to get in touch with him.

    For me, I’m going to try it on my own first and see where it takes me. I hope this post helps. This is based on my experience and my plan on what I will do next year. Look at my links here below. I was even fortunate to get admin rights or partnerships with some of these exchange owners on their exchanges before I am going to run my own. Great OJT training if you ask me.

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