4 comments for “How do I increase my websites traffic?

  1. Christine Kudra
    2013/11/09 at 11:45 AM

    Great content always helps, as well as good backlinks. You might also want to check out social media. Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo can really help you. It’s worth finding out more about what you can do with them. You can check your page rank here:


    As for Alexa, 100,000 and below is OK, 10,000 and below is outstanding. Obviously the lower the number, the better. But don’t spend all your time worrying about the traffic. Spend it on caring for the site, tracking your clickthrus, sales or conversion rates, site logs etc. Find out which keywords or keyword phrases are performing to you and add to your website regularly.

  2. Falcon M
    2013/11/09 at 11:42 AM

    Find and post free ads at biggest or largest classifieds.

  3. One College
    2013/11/09 at 10:55 AM

    In addition to submitting your website to search engines, you may advertise or post your website to free community classifieds or free classifieds directory. You can easily get a list by google search for – huge list of free classified websites. Blogs, forum, press release, video sites, social networking sites are also good ways used by webmasters and marketers to increase website traffic.

  4. ct c
    2013/11/09 at 10:32 AM

    Add Your Website to Spicypage

    Spicypage is the social online community. You can post your link along with a snap shot of your site. Spicypage takes the snap shot for you. People can also vote and comment about your site and you can join or start a group, add friends and vote for other sites of your interest. You can add a widget to your site to gather more votes or you can choose not to. So there is no waiting to join. What a great way to post your link without a link exchange. You can even post an article to help get more exposure to your website.

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