How can I start an online business selling backpacking goods?

Question by : How can I start an online business selling backpacking goods?
I am looking to start a business that deals exclusively with backpacking gear: (backpacks, shells, tents, sleeping bags, emergency supplies, etc.). I am unsure if I should begin as a drop ship site or purchase the inventory initially. Ideally, I would spend around $ 10,000 to get this project off the ground. Anyone have suggestions?

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Answer by Scott Halverson
Drop ship is the way to go that way no inventory.

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  1. Jake
    2014/01/04 at 6:42 AM

    I would agree with Scott. If you want to keep your costs down I would go with drop shipping just for the fact that you won’t have to carry product and sit on it until you make your site visible to the search engines and the public at large. The one Scott mentioned is not the only place you can go to for this type of thing, at face value they seem to be decent, I have researched them before and they have a page rank of 5 which as a rule of thumb is the minimum rank in deciding whether to deal with a company like this. There is also a alexa rank which I have not checked out on them which will give you an idea of where they stand as far as popularity.

    The thing is if you carry your own product you will want to have liability insurance in case you are sued for any reason (it happens so don’t kid yourself) or you could form an LLC which is supposed to protect your personal assets from a suit. The only problem is that a recent supreme court ruling has left it a little nebulous as to whether a sole member LLC if afforded the same protection as a multi-member LLC. Why this has come about, who knows, I just know it is.

    Do some research before you step in feet first.

  2. nospam
    2014/01/04 at 6:31 AM

    Do you make or sell hard goods? Maybe you already are selling online, but want to do better?

    Both retailers and shoppers are moving ever more online. Online retail is the low risk, efficient way to sell. And, for shoppers, it is the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, and cheaper).

    Do you have a website?
    How are you going to promote it, given that there are thousands of companies selling the same?
    How are people going to find you?

    May I suggest a starting point?

    Another suggestion (course):

    Good luck!

  3. Trade Guy
    2014/01/04 at 6:19 AM

    As per starting online business to sell backpacking goods, you have several options available as listed below:

    1) Post your product description on Free online classifieds.
    2) Interact with online business promoters and get the idea to build your own customer base.
    3) Search for local vendors who deals in selling food related items and approach with your proposal.
    4) Participate in online forums with your queries and proposals to get new ideas for your business.

    Apart from these, you must maintain your product quality better to compete in the market. Once you will clear these phases, i bet you will be able to get assured profits from backpacking goods business

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