How can I find advertising that works?

query through sheric529: How am i able to in finding advertising that works?
i’m a web retailer owner. i’ve arrange debts with alot of free promoting web sites, site visitors exchanges and different options. i’m still having bother getting somebody to really have a look at what is obtainable in my store. anyone have any advertising concepts to share or someone know how you can build a contact checklist to send emails and stuff?

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just maintain mailing and mouth to mouth ad is perfect

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  1. Mike B
    2013/08/09 at 8:57 AM


    There is so much detail to go into here about that but this website has what you are looking for I believe.

    there you can learn how to market your product pick up more visitors etc. There is also a walk through on how to build an emailing list as well as how to use PPC (pay per click) to land traffic….

    Just keep in mind when trying to market a website or a product, free is a good way to advertise but you may have to spend a small amount of money to get the right traffic.

    I have many websites and yet my cost is still pretty low although I do pay for some of my traffic through PPC and classified ad advertisement and it works very effectively.

    You can also email me anytime I’d be happy to help walk you through some of the more complex steps of marketing….

    Hope this helps give you a pretty good start.

  2. Darryl Parker
    2013/08/09 at 8:10 AM

    First and foremost, I am assuming that you are the manufacturer or packager of this product. If not, perhaps you should take a look at my blog on the topic of disintermediation. It is a tough road to be strictly a reseller and high volume is paramount.

    So, working from the assumption you are the packager, I recommend the following:

    1. Your need to connect to your users. I like to refer folks to the Stanford University study on Web Credibility – – as guidance on the types of questions your site should answer to establish credibility with a buyer.

    2. Get a customer, any customer, and then work on building a relationship with that customer. The days of starting an e-business and “build it and it will sell” are nearly gone. You have presumably a great product and it needs a great story to go with it. That story comes from your customers. You are NOT just selling a product, you are selling an experience.

    3. Specific purchase point advertising. If you are not advertising on PPC against specific buy words for your product, you are missing the point of search engine marketing for eCommerce. You need to have a list of specific buy keywords and promote them.

    How do I build such a list? You start with a very long list on a pay-per-click campaign. Then you set up tracking so that you can see which words on that list convert to sales. From there you can narrow your list to converting terms (we usually allow 90 days to determine the conversion value of a term) and focus on those converting terms. Then, and only then, should you venture into organic search marketing utilizing SEO. It is only then that you will have the terms that correctly convert for your business.

    4. Return to the buyer. Once you have a buyer, treat them like gold. When you ship your product, make sure the presentation is top notch. Include a coupon for additional products on your site. Include a “free sample” for them to share with a friend and a coupon for the friend. Your customer base will be your best source of income.

    5. Collect email addresses from your customers and treat them very gently. DO NOT DO BLASTS. Use permission based email lists from your own lists of buyers. Once a month or on a birthday or on a pet’s birthday, send out a personal email with a special promotion.

    6. Build a residual income stream. Don’t just let your customer buy once and go away. Create a product set that allows them to buy again and again. Think subscription dog food service. This must be an option for the long-term sustainability of your client base.

  3. stef
    2013/08/09 at 7:53 AM

    That depends on what you are selling and how much you want to spend in advertising. One thing to do that won’t really cost that much, I’ve done this before so I have experience, is to make lables with your company’s name, website, etc. on them. stick them to Coke, Pepsi, Diet, Dr. pepper, whatever cans and hand the cans out for free at a soccer feild, or baseball feild, whatever. Another good thing to do is to buy some space in your local paper, and I’m talking about the community papers not the main one in your city. Or how about buying a 1/2 page ad in local high school yearbooks. There are so many creative ways to get your company’s name out there.

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