TrafficTornado V4.0 [Free edition]

Open the software, load your website URLs and the refering websites (which link to your URLs), enter your emailaddress, choose level of threads and GO!

Never been faster in getting hits. Take part in a 1:1 traffic exchange network, which will really blow up your webstats! Try it out, it’s free!

Another bot made by RX2

Released February 20th, 2014


V4.0a: fixed the “update error” which was caused by maybe slow internet connections on client side
V4.0: totally re-coded, much faster, more stable, more reliable, higher threads rate possible
V3.0: minor bugfixes, better GUI, fixing problems with HIGH HITS on a single URL
V2.8a: added more threads options (step by 5)
V2.8: added more stats (online users, generated and received hits, removed “optimizing code for memory/CPU”)
V2.7: fixed threads (loop function and breakup of threads)
V2.6: enabled higher threads again, ALL FORMER VERSIONS ARE NOW DISABLED !!! Please update at least to V2.6 now!
V2.5: new release, reduced threads to max. of 10, otherwise bot won’t work due to bandwith limitations on local PC(s)
V2.4: fixed problem with sudden stop of bot (due to running out of URLs being visited) – endless loop integrated
V2.3: fixed problem with dead browser.exe within started threads
V2.2: fixed Memory & CPU utilization (should now work more reliable even with higher threads, integrated better useragents, more spin functions and fix on bounce rate)
V2.1: fixed the “Hits generated” (they started from zero again, once the bot loops again), thanks to Nguyen for the hint
V2: new GUI, CPU and memory optimization, looping function fixed
V1: pre-release, quick & dirty interface

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