Traffic Twister V3.3 – new compiled version May 2015

Due to huge requests from “vintage” customers, here is the older but still working TrafficTwisterV3, a little bit changed.

V3.3: fixed the proxy-checker algo in bot, hits should be created again
V3.2: based on user feedback, bugfix for random useragents loaded into bot
V3.1 (U5) – that’s same version as V3.1, but compiled with all the plugins, which does not require additional downloads from Ubot-Studio (browser-extensions)

V3.1 (October 27th, 2014): Bugfix for proxies being downloaded, some minor improvements in speed and bandwith

– Enabled download of proxies
– Looping function for the bot

IMPORTANT: Make sure your URLs and referers start with


in each line! Otherwise hits might not be generated at all!

Sample files in download included. Please check them first before doing changes to them!


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