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  • Please update your Traffic Tornado to the latest version V2.5, several bugs fixed and higher impact to your hits! (2014-02-27)
  • If you experience problems with Traffic Twister V9.2 (CPU, memory etc.) please revert back to Traffic Twister V8.2, until bugs are fixed! (2014-02-25)



Traffic Twister V9 released!


new release V9 is out!

This took several weeks finally to be new compiled from scratch. Ouch … but this new version consumes less memory and CPU than before, maybe enabling you to run 300 threads at the same time.
For the “nerds” I enabled the proxy-download function again, it scrapes for fresh proxies every 4 hours now, but they are “untested” at the time of scraping. Anyway the bot tests every proxy, whether it’s valid or not.

Hope you enjoy the latest version!

TrafficTwister V3 will be back for good :-)

Oh man,

I got so many emails begging for TrafficTwister V3 to release again … A really old bot, but it seems that users still beg for it.
Anyway, ok: I will release V3 again, fresh compiled, for free, like before.

It does NOT contain traffic exchange like current V8.x versions, so you only create hits to your own website, under your own control. Quick and dirty.

Another reason is, that there are some download links for Traffic Twister V3 out there, which are malicious and contain virus/trojans/malware etc.
Those versions were NEVER made by me, they seemed to be hacked or “hooked” with some malware, don’t know and I don’t want to try it out.

So you will have a fresh and clean version again of V3 soon … I expect to release it on January 15th finally!


Traffic to Basic Members fixed

we have to make an apology for two <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" href="" title="View all articles about days right here”>days in low traffic being delivered to our general individuals, it was because of the fact, that we needed to dispose of around 700 customers from community and banning them, because of importing malware URLs.
We are actually again on one hundred% traffic and you may also <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" href="" title="View all articles about generate right here”>generate reside experiences again with the “MemberPro” Softwaretool.

Thanks for assisting us along with your Membership subcriptions!

More than 1.000 user installations now! Wow, that’s a hype!

never notion that this may occasionally turn out to be a really perfect project … I started to create my very own app for visitors building … discovering out, how i will manipulate my very own awstats on my homepage,┬áchanging the referrer, useragents … Then began over with altering proxies … and shared it at no cost. I in point of fact did not understand that so many people make use of it for their very own. So right here we are:

  • more than 8 million site traffic exchanges delivered inside 3 months
  • more than 1.000 person-installations for visitors twister IVY
  • free bot, no account required anymore
  • and that i promise, the story will go on!

Thanks for being a part of our community! Share it, enjoy it, lean again and calm down!

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